10 avril de 14h00 à 16h00
Institutes/Groups of institutes dedicated to Agro and Biosciences


France has one of the best expertise in the world in Agrosciences (Agriculture, Agronomics) and Biosciences (Biology, Environment). This French know-how naturally comes from the French Higher Education system: several French institutions have designed acknowledged programs in these fields.

Campus France and Campus Channel offer to students, professors and professionals the opportunity to discover these programs LIVE, on your computer, phone or pad, to see for yourself what’s available, and if something is of interest to you!

The event is organised by Campus France, the French agency in charge of promoting French Higher Education, in partnership with Campus-Channel, the online platform where students and universities/schools meet.


Over 2 hours, 4 institutions will be grilled for 20 minutes each. The program Directors will be filmed in Paris. Wherever you are in the world, simply connect to Campus Channel’s website to participate in these 20 minute-interviews, and ask all of your questions LIVE.

One concept: outspokenness.

One goal: wherever you are, judge for yourself.


Check out participating programs and those of interest.

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