Programme EUROPA MASTER > Pologne
15 mai 2014
Trinational M.A. in European Studies EUROPA MASTER
Lieu :Pologne
Theme:études, Manifestation locale

In the academic year 2013/2014 Institute of Political Science of Opole University with partner universities from Germany and France initiated first trinational program of study in Poland. EUROPA MASTER is the unique program in the area of European integration that offers an opportunity of being awarded Master diplomas of three partner universities: Opole University (Poland), Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz (Germany) and University of Burgundy (France).

Participants of the program are recruited by all partner universities and study together during the first semester in Opole, during the second semester in Mainz and during the third semester in Dijon. The fourth semester is the time for internship, writing Master thesis and final exams.

EUROPA MASTER provides students with specialized knowledge on crucial dimensions of European integration: social and cultural in Opole, European politics in Mainz, European law and institutions in Dijon. But it also gives, thanks to studying in three countries among students representing different perspectives and various European experience, an opportunity of personal understanding of the richness and complexity of the process of European integration.

International group of students has successfully completed first semester in Opole and is starting Mainz semester in April.

Opole University has started the recrutation process for the next academic year that will last till 15 May 2014. We kindly invite you to visit our web page